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Unfortunately no. Since the weather in the midwest is unpredictable and for liabilities sake, we do not set up outside.

Yes. Our minimum order is $300. If you want free delivery and pickup, the minimum is $450. If the location is over 10 miles from our storage in U City, mileage will be billed.

Orders over $450 get free delivery and pickup within 10 miles of our U City storage facility. More than 10 miles get billed mileage.

Otherwise they are billed:

Delivery only: $39.00

Pickup only: $39.00


The carpet cannot go over curbs or steps. It will not lay flat and will be a tripping hazard.

When we install, we use the same temporary double sided exhibition tapes they use at the convention center. If you are setting up, we require you to use double sided tape as well. You can either buy the tape from us, or you can buy your own double sided carpet tape from home depot or Lowes. Regardless, we still require the carpet to be taped and secured to the floor or ground to reduce the risk of tripping and injury.