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How We Reached 8351 People at a Single Event

Our Paparazzi Photo Booth for St. Louis Magazine’s A-List party produced some amazing metrics we are extremely exited to share with you. The vision for creating Red Carpet-Saint Louis was not only to make your events more memorable and enjoyable for your guests by providing a custom printed backdrop, photographer, and instant social media sharing of the images from our iPads but also to add incredible value on a marketing level.

This data did not disappoint! Time to grab that pocket protector because we’re about to geek out!

If you’re short on time, scroll down to “Increase Your Audience

The Guests and Social Media:

We had the highest participation with our Red Carpet to date with 257 individual people being photographed. Our images were instantly transferred to iPads where guests were sharing and liking the photos not only directly from our iPads on the Red Carpet but days after the event from our Facebook album as well.

Notice how the event host and sponsor logos are clearly visible in the background of every image? Your sponsors will hopefully find value in guests sharing Red Carpet’s photos.

Data Sample:

If you’re curious as to how many people were exposed to these images, you’ve come to the right place. We gathered data a day before the event until 28 days afterwards and we did not have any other events during that time so there is little else affecting these numbers. This allows us to see the traffic spike caused by our images from the St. Louis Magazine A-List Party as well as observe the residual reach, user activity and impressions that follows.

Facebook traffic (1,723 engaged with our Facebook post a day after the event):

Our website traffic (

Increase Your Audience:

We know these numbers are what you really wanted to see so here it is:
our Facebook total reach: 5,534
our website Unique Page Views: 2,032

Aggregating the data from Facebook, analytics from Twitter and our website traffic, the total reach from July 8-August 5 was:


And people continue to engage with our images from the Red Carpet even after the sampling dates. Some see it every day as they’ve set our Red Carpet photo into their profile picture! We turned 257 people who engaged with the Red Carpet into over 8000 who have seen the image(s) and ultimately, the host organization and sponsor logos.

Mind blown!


So what does all this mean apart from melting your brain? We understand how every penny counts with your organization and that putting on an event is a very large expense. At Red Carpet – Saint Louis, we want to maximize your event planning efforts not only for your guests’ experiences but engagement even after the event is over. In addition, the photographs have your organization logo in the background AND your sponsor logo(s). Whenever someone sees the image, they are exposed to your organization pushing you and your and sponsors to top-of-mind awareness.

Contact Us:

I know this is a lot of information to digest but I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about our services. We’ve even set up sample Red Carpet packages during board meetings and in our studio for clients to experience it for themselves. Contact us if you’d like a demo for your next board meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

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